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MORAVIA Consulting

MORAVIA Consulting is an international distributor of calculators, which has been operating on the market since 1997. It provides its partners with comprehensive services and support. The company provides distribution, localization, service, sales support and many other activities.

The focus is on all kinds of calculators. Common models, devices equipped with special functions as well as financial and scientific calculators can be all found in our range. All products come from renowned manufacturers: HP, SharpRebellFIAMO and others.

Another important part of the portfolio are spare parts and products for the education and development of children of all ages, from pre-school to secondary school. MORAVIA Consulting is an international distributor of interactive robots (including also the development of proprietary products), 3D printers and scanners, AR & VR and IT equipment; all of which are presented under the MORAVIA Education brand.

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