A vast portfolio of products from renowned brands HP, Sharp and Rebell, including a multitude of models ranging from pocket and desktop calculators to printing and school calculators.


Backpacks, bags

Modern and functional Bestlife backpacks
and bags, ideal for safely transporting your
electronic devices and for daily use.



Comprehensive and modern solution for education and development for children of all ages. Including interactive robots, 3D printers and scanners, AR & VR, IT equipment and much more.

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We are MORAVIA Consulting, a manufacturing and distribution company, working on an international level since 1993. Our goal is the development and distribution of our own brands as REBELL, FIAMO, CUBETTO, CURISCOPE and OTTO DIY, as well as the distribution of a variety of products from our brand partners.

We offer calculators, IT spare parts, stylish Bestlife backpacks and bags, and EdTech products, focused on education ranging from kindergartens to high schools.

We are the official brand licensee of HP Inc. for HP branded Calculators and Robots. As well as the brand licensee for RoboWunderkind EdTech solutions. And ensure production and distribution on a worldwide level.

Furthermore, we are the official distributor of Sharp Calculators in Europe. Our partners benefit from our comprehensive support and solutions, including distribution, localization, sales support, and much more. To schools, we offer full conceptualization and implementation of multifunctional classrooms.

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